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Youth & Adult Hip Hop Classes Vancouver 

This choreography class focuses on sharing the fundamentals and essentials of hip hop. From footwork and flow to grooving and individual expression, this drop-in class teaches dancers fun modern-day combos that honour and demonstrate the movements and history of hip hop.

Our hip hop dance classes are designed to give students a comprehensive overview of the dance style. We focus on sharpening body movement fundamentals and mastering key grooves. Participants are taught how to use their body’s natural rhythm and energy to express themselves through dance.

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Children's Hip Hop

Programs for Kids Ages K-12

Sundays &

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Youth Competitive Company

Ages 14 - 18

Sundays & Wednesdays

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Intermediate Femme Hip Hop

Progressive Program

5:15 PM to 6:15 PM

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Hip Hop 

Progressive Program

6:30 PM to 7:45 PM

Learn the Classic Hip Hop Dance Style

Do you want to learn how to groove and move with the hottest hip hop dance moves? Our experienced, Vancouver based dance instructors will teach you all the classic hip hop dance styles such as gliding, popping, and locking. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned dancer, you’ll learn the foundations of the hip hop dance style and the history behind it.

Learn from Experienced Instructors

Our experienced teachers are passionate about sharing the art of hip hop. Each class is designed to nurture and guide new and experienced dancers alike. Our instructors are dedicated to helping each student find their own unique style of hip hop dance.

Adult Hip Hop Classes

Looking to take your hip hop dance skills to a whole new level? Come learn the latest and greatest in hip hop styles at our studio’s adult hip hop classes. You don’t need any experience to join. Just come ready to work!

We’re here to make you look good, feel great, and have a BLAST. Our dance studio offers a warm, energetic atmosphere for learning the latest hip hop dance moves. Combining creativity and discipline with choreography that will get your heart pounding, these classes are open to ALL levels from beginner through advanced!


Private Hip Hop Dance Lessons

Our private hip hop classes are for the student looking for a customized and personal experience in Vancouver. Whether you’re just starting out or have been dancing for years, our private hip hop classes are the perfect way to make sure you continue to improve your skills and abilities.

If you love hip hop music and want to build a strong foundation in this style, then our private hip hop classes are the perfect way to learn. Our instructors will work with you to design a program that targets your specific needs while teaching you how to dance like the pros.

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Why Choose Our Hip Hop Classes?

Our private hip hop classes are a lot of fun, but they're also challenging and rewarding. You'll learn choreography, freestyle dancing, and go-with-the-flow improvisation. And our Vancouver based award-winning instructors will be there every step of the way for you!

Take the urban style of street dance and make it your own! Our hip hop classes are designed to help you learn new styles, gain strength and flexibility, improve coordination, and boost your confidence. You’ll learn how to freestyle and choreograph your own routines or with a group, in a fun and safe environment.

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